Live Radio Interview and a Book Trailer for New Book Release

Live Discussion with Bob Pierce at the Light Radio Live with Bob Pierce-Discussing One Life to Give

Mar 14, 2015

After being a part of an Authors’ Group here on LinkedIn for sometime, I quickly learned from others how difficult it is for self-published authors like myself to get our books into the marketplace. When my first book was self-published through CreateSpace, I was very excited to have the first copy in my hands. But then, ignorance and no experience set in. I won’t waste too much time and space to tell you how unfruitful that experience was. Other than perhaps a thousand copies sold, it ended up on the pile of good memories of things gone past.
As a Christian non-fiction writer, I soon discovered how finding the right publisher helped me get my second book into the Christian book market where most of my target audience would be found. Suddenly, I had a whole new “box of tools” available. I had also spent the last three years seriously studying the ins and outs of online marketing and taking advantage of social media.
This one short article will not suffice to tell you all the things I have tried in the past, but there are three tools I have implemented which have made an enormous impact in the promotion and sale of my second book.
The first was a very creative book website designed by my son. He was able to make “what I saw” in my three years of study. It is extremely “daddy-friendly” and one can instantly click on any aspect of checking out a book and purchasing it. It seems to me that most online purchasers have very little patience in stumbling through pages of “clutter” to get to the “real thing”.
The second tool was making my own book info packets and literally hand-mailing them to predetermined venues. In my case, Christian radio stations and churches. Someone has to personally open an envelope when it arrives, even if out of curiosity. I also made email packets but discovered how quickly they are deleted before reading them.
The third tool was a 30-second video book trailer made by my new publisher, Xulon Press. In promoting my book, the book trailer came in a file for easy posting on places like my facebook page, the book webpage, and many other sites which allowed me free posting, including amazon’s author page.
The time I spent mailing the book packets paid off quickly. Within one week, the Light Radio Network, Vermont’s largest Christian radio network, invited me to come to the studio for a live interview. That 10-minute time slot enabled me to reach more people in all of Vermont, Southern Canada, Eastern New York, Western New Hampshire, and Northern Massachusetts. I saw close to immediate visits to my book webpage and I am expecting great results from these three tools among many others I have in place.
I know there will be others replying to this post and I eagerly look forward to your success stories and perhaps, some no so successful. but if we never try, we will never know. Rick Blaisdell,Author One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls.


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