What’s it all About?



This new book by Pastor and Author Rick Blaisdell, One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls, is the sequel to his original published work.  To the many readers who said, “One Life to Give was a really good book, but I wish you had written in more detail”, this is the “more”.  Although this new “expanded text edition” contains all the journal entries as the first book, it contains a wealth of updated and additional information gathered from all the travel plans, documents, notes, maps, and photos combined.  To protect believers in certain sensitive areas from any exploitation, persecution, or endangerment, there are no clear facial photos, other than those already in the public arena.  It is a moving memoir of his life and missionary travels to seven foreign countries, exhibiting the many supernatural and mighty works of God.  As a former drug addict and alcoholic, there came a day when all the hurt, anger and addiction to drugs and alcohol was completely gone as Rick encountered Jesus. With a changed heart, a new life, and a love for others that he never knew existed, Rick was a changed man and never looked back.  Come and experience his story of real miracles told from his travels to foreign countries as he brought the Gospel to those that were captives, bound in darkness. This book will ignite passion for the Gospel to be preached around the world.  Find inspiration and an invitation to find new life in Jesus Christ in this true-to-life testimony of one man’s life that changed many.


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