Kentucky Missions Couple visits Misty Valley Books

While I was sitting at my book display table at Misty Valley Books last Sat. May 2nd, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful young married couple from Kentucky. They are involved with missions work in the rural mountain villages in their state, decimated by the shutdown of nearly all the coal mines. The resulting tragedy is untold unemployment and whole towns steeped in extreme poverty due to lack of work opportunities. This missions couple is doing something about it. Their team brings food, personal hygiene items, clothing, and bibles to offer hope and encouragement to the residents. While in the bookstore, they purchased an autographed copy of One Life to Give-Living Water for Thirsty Souls to be used as a study book on missions work, and will be shared by the entire team. I am deeply honored to know this book is already reaching an audience small in size, but not in their deeds.
If you, as a reader and follower of these blogs, know anyone involved with short-term missions work through your local church, please consider purchasing a gift copy for them to help in their preparation to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the nations.  I personally invite you to visit  and check out this book and see what is happening with it, and where it is going, as a new release for 2015.


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