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A book with a message for both the lost and found…

By Josh Stowe on November 8, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

After reading this book, I certainly believe it would speak to the life of anyone who reads it. Rick Blaisdell’s accounts of his own journey in life, and journey to find Christ, and his journeys all across the globe, vividly paint a picture for the reader of how to live life boldly and with a purpose.

From my perspective, this book speaks to both non-believers and believers. For the non-believer, the person who is lost and seeking purpose, you are instantly comforted and find a person to relate to as the author shares a biographical account of a man who was once lost and without purpose who found Christ and a renewed strength and purpose in life. For the believer, this is a book that will empower you to get out of your comfort zone and boldly seek to share what Jesus can do for others.

The journals share first-hand accounts of life in foreign countries where the everyday comforts we have here in America are only a dream. Blaisdell is able to take the reader to that very spot on the globe where the struggles are real and where, through Rick, Jesus is able to heal and restore people who are lost. As a follower of Christ, I can say that Rick Blaisdell’s story is one that is meaningful, easy to relate to, and inspirational.


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