One Life To Give — A compelling chronicle of faith in action and transformed lives

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glenn cordner

This review is from: One Life to Give (Paperback)

One Life To Give is a book full of joy, thanksgiving, and wonder and probably unlike any other book you have read. It chronicles the work of a fearless man of God among often isolated peoples living lives consumed by profound spiritual and material poverty, suffering, fear, hopelessness, and unimaginable abuse and yet, ultimately, it is about victory over all of these! The Gospel’s message of love, hope, dignity, healing, salvation and freedom transforms their lives for the here and now and for eternity. This is not a casual armchair read. You will find yourself drawn in and deeply affected.

The author’s accounts offer powerful evidence of what God can do thru a man of giant faith who releases that faith to God completely in order that He may accomplish His miraculous purposes. Throughout the book there are countless testimonials to that faith and power.

Finally, the reader will enjoy the immediacy, the sense of sharing experientially everything as if in real time that is enabled by the author’s use of the journal style of writing here. His descriptions of the spectacular views during his long flights and the atmospherics of these far- away lands are a feast for the senses and truly beautiful.

The work chronicled in One Life To Give has transformed many, many lives for eternity. The book itself is transformational. Prepare to be inspired. You will not be disappointed!


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