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Project JOY

Mar 24, 2016

This past June, I attended a Christian writer’s workshop up in Montpelier. I received a Godwink blessing beyond measure.  As I was driving the two plus hour trip on the highway, I sensed God placing a distinct thought in my heart.   “Pay attention to the signs”.  So all day I was waiting for what was next.  At the writers workshop there were two authors presenting the material; a fictional author and non-fictional author. I decided to purchase the book written by the non-fictional author, Pastor Rick Blaisdell, and I asked for his autograph. His book “One Life to Give” is a compilation of journals that he had written during his travels to several countries sharing the gospel to people who may never have heard of Jesus. During a break at the workshop, he asked to join another person and myself at our table for lunch and asked us about the book we hoped to write. I shared with him about Makenzie and about the Godwinks. I told him about the inspired thought that I had while driving there and he started to laugh.  He pointed to his book that I had just purchased and said you need to read the chapter on my visit to India.  He explained that during his travel that he was notified by email of the birth of his first grandchild and that she was named Mackenzie.  I believe that was my sign!

A couple of weeks after the writer’s workshop, I called Pastor Blaisdell to ask questions about how to get my writing organized to begin the process of writing the book that I felt compelled  to write.  He suggested that I send him my manuscript. Ha!  I had journaled from the day Kenzie left us, but certainly had no manuscript.  He encouraged me to send what I had written.  About a week later, he sent back four chapters of my book by basically just plugging in my stories where they seemed to align. I was pleasantly surprised. He left me with the task of figuring out how to tie my thoughts and words together in some semblance of order and timeline and we emailed back and forth for approximately three months.  Pastor Rick painstakingly edited every sentence for its punctuation not changing any of my words.  He recognized how important it was to keep my voice in the story that I was writing. Rick kept referring to my book as his PROJECT JOY.  When we finished the book together, these were his words, ”Let us release our faith together that it will touch many hearts and help with those others who have lost children”.  I was gifted this enormous Godwink at the writer’s workshop, by being connected with someone who put a fire under me and helped me, since he had already been through the process.  I gained a wonderful blessing, a new friend in Christ, Pastor Rick.  An immeasurable PROJECT JOY, Rick. I am so grateful.Rick & Marcy at the Writers Seminar


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