It is a bit foggy this morning and the daylight hours are growing less each new day. I have noticed as fall approaches even nature knows the signs. The Canada geese are gathering in small groups in our local corn fields as they “stock up” for the long journey south. Today, I saw two ladybugs in our house. Yesterday I began the long process of bringing in some of our firewood and noticed how many leaves have begun to fall from the trees, and that the grass does not need to be cut as often.

As I look and ponder these things, I am so often reminded that even spiritually, there are seasons in our lives that seem to reflect these changes as well. When I think of fall, I think of how the trees release their leaves to the ground, which in turn, go back to the earth. As believers, I see a similar experience as we release those things which have become “familiar” to us; to embrace new changes as the Holy Spirit continues his process of working in our lives. When the trees appear to be naked of their leaves, (covering), during the winter months, one would look at them and wonder, “How will they survive?” All the “action” is below the ground (out of sight) in the roots area. As I see us in Christ, many times people would look upon us outwardly and may not see much; but below the surface, oh my, how the Living Spirit of God does His most amazing and beautiful handiwork in the roots of our faith.

As I was loading the wood into the wheelbarrow, I also noticed how the insects and spiders had made their safety nest in protected parts of the individual pieces of wood underneath, where they seemed to know they would be protected from the cold and snowy times soon to come. This causes me to reflect and be reminded of Psalm 91:1, “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”. Even in nature around us, these seemingly insignificant insects know how and where to go for their covering and protection from harsh conditions; how much more does Psalm 91 offer us even more covering and protection from the sometimes harsh elements of everyday life. As I meditate on these things while pushing my wheelbarrow, this makes a long, hard job pass quickly as though it were nothing.
And even that makes me think about Mat. 11:28 in the context of carrying a “heavy burden” (the wood in the fully loaded wheelbarrow) into the garage and emptying it, leaving the load in the garage (the foot of the cross) and wheeling the freshly unburdened wheelbarrow, free from the weight it contained only moments before.

As we go through this day together as part of the Body of Christ, may we not find ourselves murmuring or complaining about the long, cold winter approaching; but instead, looking forward to how much new growth the Holy Spirit will have empowered us to walk in.

Before we hardly realize it spring will return, and all that new growth will spring forth “above the ground” where others will know how great our God really is!!
“He has redeemed our lives from destruction and crowned us with loving kindness and tender mercies” (Psalm 103:4).




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